Science Fiction Author

Many have commented since the first publication of Fear the Future that they

were left bereft by some of the characters’ ends. 

While that was deliberate in parts, as it seems to me that war’s end is rarely as

satisfying or just as we might like to think, I can say that war is also rarely the

end of the story, and so it will not be here.  

I hope you enjoy this short story that details the millisecond ultra-violence of the

final clash between Earthfleet and the Mobiliei Armada.

Many of the characters, both good and bad, will return in Fear’s Orphans, to be released later in 2015.  But they will return to a planet touched by a greater universe, and changed by it.

I truly hope to see you all again then,
-Stephen Moss

The Orphans' End by Stephen Moss

*Header image is a theorized rendering of a particle collision that might occur in a fusion reactor.  Fusion power is an ideal, a green energy source that produces vast output with zero carbon emissions from an abundant, readily available fuel source.  It is out of reach, for now, and for who-knows how much longer.  But it is still the reaction that powers life on Earth, indirectly, as it is the source of the solar heat that bathes us all (though less so in Britain, admittedly.)